Elder Law

A Holistic Approach to Elder Law- A Lawyer who Listens…

Elder law is the study of those aspects of the law, statutory and common law, but primarily statutory and federal and state law which deals with those aspects that are of concern to individuals planning for a semi-retirement, retirement or death situation.
More specifically it involves planning of ones estate around certain concepts, the eligibility that one may have or the issues that may be before a person applying for government benefits for the elderly or the disabled elderly.


The methods available for achieving government benefits in particular, Medicaid, and the exceptions surrounding when an individual or a couple may qualify for government benefits and dispose of their property or deal with their properties in the ways that they would prefer to do. Therefore, Medicaid deals with estate planning, Medicaid/disability planning and guardianship situations.
The guardianship situation arises in an environment where a person becomes incapable for some reason of having their own monetary and estate matters and it becomes necessary to have either a power of attorney or a court proceeding in order to have someone appointed to deal with those things for the individual.