Real Estate Law: An Experienced Guide to This Complex Legal Area
Real estate is a specific type of property which may be distinguished from other property, i.e, personalty which generally is considered to be moveable property and therefore is one of two major branches of property in the law.
Many other subtitles exist for various kinds of property, but real property specifically deals with land and buildings and other fixtures attached to the land. 
Real estate is significant area of the law because of its history, especially real estate becoming vested in someone who has engaged in a transaction with another person or entity to gain what is referred to a vested interest in the said real property.
In common law of England one became seized of land for what we now call vested with an interest in land when the person would hand a clog of soil.
In the United States we transfer title by written document which become recorded in some way in a public office and become a matter of public record.
Transactions regarding real estate range from a simple deed to the following: mortgages, agreement of sale, rent with option to buy, federal and other tax liens, liens, judgments, prior estates in the chain of title, clouds on title, property, use of real property as collateral for loan other than a purchase money mortgage, liens against real estate and similar related issues which deal with real estate.

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