About Roger Gaydos…

Roger_J_GaydosRoger Gaydos has been practicing law in Southwestern Pennsylvania for over 25 years, specializing in family law issues such as Pennsylvania Elder Law , Estate Planning and Estate Settlement . 
Roger has attracted thousands of legal clients from all walks of life with a simple but important philosophy: “The law is friendly and he can prove it”.
Legal issues can be highly stressful if you don’t have the right attorney to guide you. You need an attorney who has dealt with issues similar to those you now face.
You need an attorney who has the right demeanor and tone that comes with years of experience… who has the patience and wisdom to exercise a calming voice in the face of tense issues and intense situations… who can make your attorney-client experience a pleasurable one.

 That attorney is Roger Gaydos.


Roger J. Gaydos was born and raised in Canonsburg; son of first generation immigrants.  He married Ellen Phillips in 1964.  They live near Hickory, PA, raised seven children and have one grandson.

Roger received a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Washington & Jefferson College in 1964, majoring in English and minoring in the sciences, including military science (ROTC).

When he graduated in 1964, he was recognized as a distinguished military student and a distinguished military graduate; he accepted a regular Army commission – intending a military career – served on the East-West German border during the cold War, provided personal protection to a U.S. Army Corps Commander, then served as an advisor to the Vietnamese Military Police 1967-1968, including the Tet Offensive.

Roger left the military in 1968 as a regular Army captain – following the Vietnam tour to go to law school.  He graduated from Duquesne University Law in 1972 and passed the Pennsylvania bar exam in the same year.

Roger has served as Washington County Assistant District Attorney, U.S. trustee in bankruptcy, solicitor of five municipalities, and counsel to major financial institutions; he has been active in the Canonsburg Historical Society, the Catholic Church, YMCA, and served as board member of legal counsel to several other nonprofit entities. He participated in international trade through twelve trips to China as part of trade missions sponsored by Pennsylvania and the U.S. Department of Commerce; there he arranged and coordinated international contracts with the Chinese government and individual Chinese businesses from Tianjin in the north to Xiamen in the south – traveling the country by plane, train, and bus for wholesale trading and shipping to a major U.S. importer.

Roger’s hobbies include family and aerial flight; he has been, and remains to be, a student of law.

Roger’s practice now focuses on elder law, business law, land law (especially oil and gas), estates, and estate planning. 


So How Is Roger Gaydos different From Other Attorneys?

Because I listen, not only to your story, but to what’s behind the story — your feelings, your pain, suffering, anxiety – they all have meaning and are relevant to your matter, your case.

Judgment: The client’s wishes have always been first in the factors I weigh before I recommend a course of action.

Respect: I regard the wishes of my client and the story behind their issues as paramount.

Humility: Never do I permit any factor to cause me to disregard this basic character trait.

Temperament: Nothing forces me to sway from my belief in calm, considered action.

Appreciation for the Law: The law holds within it the fluidity to allow advocacy of my clients’ positions.  I challenge myself with continuing education so that I may be knowledgeable about changes in the Law and the opportunities those changes bring for my clients.

So how does Roger plan to prove to you that the law can be friendly?… with a FREE CONSULTATION.  Roger, is happy to make this offer and address your issues by phone, email, or in person… whatever is convenient for you.

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